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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Swallowing....... pride.

Sometimes no matter how great we may think that we are, we all need a little assistance from time to time. Sometimes you give everything you've got until you've got nothing left, when you are running on empty and your back is against the wall. Then, out of no where, comes this object that appears to be a bright light at the end of a long, monotonus tunnel, which turns out to be a helping hand. The most stubborn of us, which include myself, are more than reluctant to extend our own hand for a little bit of assistance. We don't want to admit that we couldn't do what we set out to do on our own. We don't want to come to terms with the fact that we just couldn't do it alone. We don't want to stare the facts in the eyes and realize that as far as we've come and as hard as we've tried and no matter how much fire, spirit, and heart we put into it we just couldn't succeed, with out of course someone there to offer thier support. Support that you realize you need yet still fear the acceptance of being aided due to the fact that you couldn't do it on your own. It can be a blow to your self-esteem and a shot to your ego.

But in accepting the hand of another in time of need is not a thing to be ashamed of. All of us have to do it from time to time. It makes us realize that we're not human and that we are not invincible, as much as we all wish that we were. It makes us feel humble, by swallowing our pride and picking up the pieces and realize that the hands that help us are trying to help us get to that next point in our lives, by giving us a little bit of help because more than likely those who are more willing to help have been in compromising situations before, and they realize that it's not always peaches and cream in the real world for I've come to believe that it's more like brustlesprouts and low-fat cottage cheese.


Sunday, March 27, 2005

It is truly a sad state of affairs for the Schindler family in Florida. Terri Schiavo has been bed-ridden in a vegitative state since 1990 when she suffered heart failure resulting in brain damage after a battle with anorexia. Her husband Michael and Terri's parents have been in a decade long legal battle that seems that it has finally ended. The ruling to keep the feeding tube removed now stands as it seems that the Schindler family's only hope is the hand of God.

I hate to think that people like Scott Peterson, John Evander Couey, and other sick, sadistic individuals who have commited deplorable crimes are going to be put to death via lethal injection, while this poor girl Terri Schiavo is going to be starved to death.

I, however, do not agree that President Bush, brother Jeb, the United States Congress, or the judicial system as a whole has any place whatsoever to make a ruling on whether or not she should live or die. She was over the age of 18 whenever the heart failure occured, meaning that her parents had no decsision making rights over her, leaving her fate to her husband. Bob and Mary Schindler have now lost nearly 30 legal opinions in both state and federal courts, which have consistently sided with their daughter's husband -- and legal guardian -- Michael Schiavo. He has said that he is simply following his wife's wish not to be kept in a persistent vegetative state, in which I agree, for I would not want to be left in a state like that.

My heartfelt sympathies do go out to the Schiavo families.

On to wrestling:
Friday night in Kingsport Super Destroyer and Thorn challenged Tony Givens and I, and we retained the SSW Tag Team titles after we hit the Barrell Roll on Thorn and Beau James pulled the referee out of the ring causing a disqualification. On Saturday night Tony and I lost to our good friends Wayne Adkins and Nick Hammonds when I was going for an O'Connor roll on Hammonds and as we hit the ropes, Super Destroyer came out and hit me in the head with a club, rendering me unconcious, allowing an unsuspecting Hammonds to get the pinfall on me. This match was only for the CW Unified Tag Team titles.

A big announcement was made for April 23 and May 9, 2005, the first of which being that on 4/23/2005 there will be a Six Man CW v. SSW cage match with Super Destroyer, Josh Cody, and Beau James taking on CW's Danny Ray, Tony Givens, and myself. The stipulation: the loser of the match, the losing man, not the losing team, has to leave CW/SSW. The second announcement, that on 5/9/2005, the Phenomenal AJ Styles will be in Kingsport, TN to take on 'Cutthroat' Josh Cody, providing that Cody does not lose on 4/23.

I have been asked by a large number of people when I will be returning to West Virginia. Well the answer is this: I don't know until later today. As soon as I find out the dates and venues, I will post them on my website, Until next time, take care of yourself and each other, and I'll see you at the events. Love you all.


'High Risk' Robbie Cassidy

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Another fine couple of days...

I had a wreck on St. Patrick's day early in the A.M. It wasn't my fault.... it was my buddie's. He ran a red light and hit a Soccer Mom and two kids in car seats that were traveling in a maroon mini-van. Everyone was okay as we weren't going so fast because Brandon (my buddy driving) decided to detour through the Kentucky Fried Chicken parking lot, turn right out on to Fort Henry Drive and drive right through the red light that was 35 feet from the parking lot that we had just exited.

Anyways.... I don't like doctors. I just wanted to say that. Actually I hate them. I've got a damn bone sticking out of my back (its not far from poking through the skin at this point) that is causing a lot of pain and discomfort all through my back and my right leg. I put off going to the doctor for well over a month until a 'Tsunami ' made me change my mind. Anywho, this idiot that I went and saw had the nuts to tell me that I had a 'strained muscle'. I've felt softer rocks than the place that is came up on my back. I'm no doctor, but I am hurt a lot, and I do have a lot of muscle strains, which may not make me an expert on muscles, but I think I might now if I've strained one since I've only done it about a dozen times in the last five years. And to beat it all, I truly belive that Stevie Wonder could've found Waldo by the time this doctor finally told me his prognosis. Doctors are over paid. Doctors don't care about patients. Doctors aren't interested in what you have to say. I hate doctors. Well, I might not want to say that because I'm gonna try to go see a different one this week that may have a little more sense, altough I seriously doubt that the next doctor I see is going to be underpaid, care about his patients, or what I have to say.

I had to take this week off of wrestling to let my back try to heal. It has really been bothering me as of late. When I'm in the car and take a turn I have to lean on the right side of my ass to try to aleviate the pressure. I have a hard time getting up from the seated position and I'm only 21 years of old. I will, however, be in Kingsport for both shows this weekend and I'm looking forward to it.

Well, go ahead a check out our TV Show online @ or click on the link at on the side bar. Next week on Championship Wrestling TV I have a match with Nick Hammonds that you don't want to miss. I know Nick won't. Well, until next time, support your Indies and 'High Risk' Robbie Cassidy. Love all you.


Monday, March 14, 2005

As if things weren't bad enough....

Brian Nichols has been caught, the man that led police on a search after he shot and killed four people in an Atlanta courtroom, then in fleeing injured a news reporter, hi-jacked several cars, commited a number of aggrevated assaults, and even offered to hang curtains for a lady that he tied up and held hostage for over seven hours before Atlanta police got the gentlemen to surrender.

It is a travesty of justice in the United States of America when a courtroom is not even safe for people be in. Good, honest people who may have just been a witness to something or could have been in there for a lowly parking ticket were put in danger by a man who was in police custody. I find it to be the fault of Atlanta's Police Department as well as police department's across the country for not being well trained enough for situations that don't occur on a daily basis. In a world where there are bio-chemical threats and terrorism strikes every third hour common sense only dictates that you are going to be less focused on what's going on at home and leave yourself open for domestic attack, be it by a person or a group, of your own kind, Americans.

Instead of further focus on this, I'd rather turn my attention to wrestling at this point. As most of you may know you can now view the Championship Wrestling TV Show online every week for free by visiting or by clicking the link on the sidebar on my website. You can also check out a radio interview I did with with a gentleman from

This weekend we had a great turn out for the two day event in Kingsport, TN. I appreciate all of the fans that came out to support Championship Wrestling or Southern States Wrestling respectively Friday and Saturday. Thanks to 95.9 K-Rock for the radio remote Friday night. I had a great time on the radio with JT and Alyx Winters.

The 'Dream Team' of Championship Wrestling (Alyx Winters, Tony Givens, and myself) were defeated by SSW's team of Beau James, Super Destroyer, and Thorn after I pinned Super D for the three count when Beau James put his foot on the bottom rope and showed the referee after the count. Referee Rob Knight re-started the match and when I went to grab 'Handsome' Beau James he threw powder in my eyes and I was pinned.

I will be in Greenville, South Carolina Friday for Universal Championship Wrestling and I will be representing CW at SSW's show in Greenville, TN on Saturday the 19th of March. I thank and appreciate everyone of you for your support. I love you all and take care of each other.


'High Risk' Robbie Cassidy

Saturday, March 05, 2005


Well... it's late Saturday night/Sunday morning and I'm layin' around watching CNN Headline News on the bed trying not to fall asleep. It's been a long couple of days with a lot of personal things going on in my life that I'm having a little trouble dealing with, along with this little flu-like bug that's been going around that I've been fighting with tooth-and-nail. Asides from that though I guess that I really can't complain, instead just take every thing in stride.

Well, last night Tony Givens and myself won the SSW Tag-Team titles from Cruel Intentions (Josh Cody and the Super Destroyer) in Kingsport, TN at the National Guard Armory. It wasn't the best match that I've ever had, but it was a very memorable one because as a child the SSW tag-team titles were belts that I always wanted to hold. You see, when I was younger, Southern States Wrestling was it around here. Sure, Smoky Mountain Wrestling had folded early in SSW's existence, and there were the big three, but as far as local independent wrestling went, SSW is where you wanted to be in this area, with Saturday morning television that did great ratings and helped out a lot of guys around here like Jason Broyles, Dave Jericho, Eddie Golden, Andy Douglas among others that came through, like myself, Josh Cody, Super Destroyer, Wayne Adkins, Nick Hammonds and Tony Givens. It was a pretty big deal. Then Beau decided to leave SSW and go out west and leave the reigns to younger guys like Tony and myself to strive on and it transformed into Championship Wrestling. We built up the armory and are still doing real good as far as everything goes, but it has gotten kind of ridiculous with over 6 promotions trying to run Kingsport. There are plenty of other towns to run but these people think that they are going to put Championship Wrestling out of business or something but they don't realize that we have a lot more going for us then they could ever have:

1)We're smarter. Bottom line.
2)The fans relate to us... we've built up a fan base and they know every one of the wrestlers and the matches and events leading up to matches.
3)We won't give up. A lot of people look at wrestling as a hobby. We look at it as life. We put our lives on the line for it and we do it with a smile on our face because it is what is right. We don't go out there and have lazy matches because "that's all you need to do". We'd rather go out there and give the people something they can return home and tell thier friends about, while making it good enough for them to come back the next show.

Anyways... I'll be on here mid-way through the week with another update on the BLOG. If anyone wants to get a hold of me click the 'Contact' link on and hit up the email. Until next time, later.

Robbie Cassidy

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The First.....

I decided against using the 'Shoot' deal anymore and opted to go for a good ol' fashioned web log (BLOG). These things are extremely popular these days so I decided to change with the times. Right now it's snowing like crazy here at home and all over the east coast. I just talked to a buddy of mine in NYC and he said that there is almost 2.5 feet of snow there. I guess what we have here is just a dusting compared to there, but I rather enjoy the snow, as little as it may be.

Well, since MLB has been up in arms about the whole steriod deal I figured that I would touch on the subject just a little bit. In all professional sports, there is drug use, like it or not. Jose Canseco has cast a nasty shadow on the league that already has a diminishing fan base with his new book in which he highlights several stars and other mid-level players that used steriods during his heyday. The only reason that Jose 'I'm-bitter-because-I-could-never-make-it-in-the-Hall-of-Fame-because-I-was-never-good-enough-so-I'll-use-the-steriod-scandal-as-my-Pete-Rose-excuse-as-to-why-I-can't-get-in' Canseco had all of that information in his book is because he was falling out of the limelight and fast and had to do something to sell his book so people would remember who he was and give new fans a reason to buy it although they had never heard of him. Simply a public relations move.

I don't condone the use of steriods. I have never used steriods. I do believe that there should be steroid/performance enhancing drug testing in ALL professional sports, yet I doubt that even that will stop the drug use completely.

Anyways.... I will be in Kingsport, TN this Friday night at the National Guard Armory on West Stone Drive for the Southern States Wrestling event. Tony Givens and myself have a rematch for the Triple Crown Tag-Team titles against the Super Destroyer and Josh Cody (Cruel Intentions) and regardless of the outcome of the match, Tony and I have a major announcement to make regarding our status in Championship Wrestling/Southern States Wrestling that could have a major impact in the wrestling community.

LOSER OF THE WEEK- John Chaney - What a self-centered, unprofessional, childish, cowardly thing that you instructed your players to do to an opposing team. Good grief, man, one of your players basically chokeslammed another one while he was in mid-air and broke his freakin' arm!

WINNER OF THE WEEK- WWE - WWE Raw was good last night, in fact, one of the best I have seen in a long time. The business needs TV like that; exciting, fast paced, entertaining. Now if Snitsky and Batista could only learn how to work.

Until next time, thanks for reading, keep safe, and I love you all....

'High Risk' Robbie Cassidy