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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Another fine couple of days...

I had a wreck on St. Patrick's day early in the A.M. It wasn't my fault.... it was my buddie's. He ran a red light and hit a Soccer Mom and two kids in car seats that were traveling in a maroon mini-van. Everyone was okay as we weren't going so fast because Brandon (my buddy driving) decided to detour through the Kentucky Fried Chicken parking lot, turn right out on to Fort Henry Drive and drive right through the red light that was 35 feet from the parking lot that we had just exited.

Anyways.... I don't like doctors. I just wanted to say that. Actually I hate them. I've got a damn bone sticking out of my back (its not far from poking through the skin at this point) that is causing a lot of pain and discomfort all through my back and my right leg. I put off going to the doctor for well over a month until a 'Tsunami ' made me change my mind. Anywho, this idiot that I went and saw had the nuts to tell me that I had a 'strained muscle'. I've felt softer rocks than the place that is came up on my back. I'm no doctor, but I am hurt a lot, and I do have a lot of muscle strains, which may not make me an expert on muscles, but I think I might now if I've strained one since I've only done it about a dozen times in the last five years. And to beat it all, I truly belive that Stevie Wonder could've found Waldo by the time this doctor finally told me his prognosis. Doctors are over paid. Doctors don't care about patients. Doctors aren't interested in what you have to say. I hate doctors. Well, I might not want to say that because I'm gonna try to go see a different one this week that may have a little more sense, altough I seriously doubt that the next doctor I see is going to be underpaid, care about his patients, or what I have to say.

I had to take this week off of wrestling to let my back try to heal. It has really been bothering me as of late. When I'm in the car and take a turn I have to lean on the right side of my ass to try to aleviate the pressure. I have a hard time getting up from the seated position and I'm only 21 years of old. I will, however, be in Kingsport for both shows this weekend and I'm looking forward to it.

Well, go ahead a check out our TV Show online @ or click on the link at on the side bar. Next week on Championship Wrestling TV I have a match with Nick Hammonds that you don't want to miss. I know Nick won't. Well, until next time, support your Indies and 'High Risk' Robbie Cassidy. Love all you.



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