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Monday, April 11, 2005

Michael Jackson is in a world of trouble. I know that is stating the obvious but I really felt that it needed to be said again. You see, America like Michael so much that we, as Chris Rock stated, "let the first kid slide". We, as a nation, adored the man behind 'Thriller' so much that we were willing to forgive him for doing unspeakable, deplorable acts with young boys, only for him to decide that it was so nice that he had to do it twice. The boy from 1993 that MJ allegedly molested was asked to testify but negated to do so, not to let the story go untold, this now 25 year old's mother has gleefully decided to run her son's name in the mud and bring back repressed feelings of being sexually abused by arguably the biggest pop-star of all-time by agreeing to tell the story on the stand, again. A great charachter witness against Jackson, for emotional testimony is what every prosecution lawyer loves to use to sway a jury. Unfortunatley, in the judicial system, the way that the law is supposed to be interpreted and have judgement passed isn't always done the way it should be. You see, people are supposed to be either proven innocent or guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, only using evidence that is presented to them and thier interpretation of the letter of the law. As much as it sucks, juries are now easily influenced by emotions and threating letters to thier houses and hotel rooms, resulting in descions that are not exactly based on whether or not the case could be proven or disproven beyond reasonable doubt. So.... it really blows for whoever is on trial, because if you have a teary-eyed, touching testimony from a mom or sister or daughter, you might as well consider yourself guilty as charged. I feel that this will be Mr. Jackson's fate. He will be found guilty by a jury of his 'peers'. I don't know if Michael did it... again. I don't care if Michael did it... again. I hope that he won't do it... a third time. I do, however, know that Michael will be in jail. We're not talking about house-arrest. We're not talking about your local county jail. We're talking about ass-rape prison.

If you ever watch the Daily Show on Comedy Central, you've probably saw the classic clip where Rob Cordry is going around outside of the MJ trial with all of the rest of the reporters from the Cable news networks and is asking all of them questions and he goes,
Rob: "So, what is your favorite Michael Jackson song?"
Cable News Reporter:" 'I'm Bad' ."
Rob:" 'I'm Bad', okay, so, do you think he jacked that kid off?"

I feel he will be asked that question when a 6'4 1/4 295lb. monster named Bubba IV while enjoying a sensual shower on his second day with his new cell mate.

Poor Michael. Should've stopped with the first kid.


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