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Sunday, June 12, 2005


Gas prices are still fluctuating wherever I go, usually between $1.90-$2.15, which is absolutley ridiculous..... I was watching Fox News (which I dislike immensely) and thier energy analyst said that gas prices have already peaked for the year, due to oil rigs shutting down earlier this spring to prepare for summer production. On the same program, they had five so-called 'experts' debating the ups and downs of fuel prices. They were actually arguing that higher gas prices do not effect people as much as the population believes that it does.
Now, to be honest, I've not witnessed a decrease in the number of cars on the road, therefore the same amount of people are driving (of course this isn't a conclusion I've came to via the Gallup poll, just a personal observation), but It takes a huge chunk out of the everyday citizen's pocketbook. When I started driving, which was about 5 or 6 years ago, gas was just over $1/per gallon. It's increased an astonishing 115% since then.
Let's do a little math real quick:
Assuming that you have a car that has a 13 gallon fuel tank, filled up only once per week in 1997, at $1.03/per gallon-
(13 gal. x $1.03 x 52 weeks/year= $696.28/per year for gas).
Now, assuming that you have a car that has a 13 gallon fuel tank, filled up only once per week in 2005, at $2.15/per gallon-
(13 gal. x $2.15 x 52 weeks/year= $1453.40).
That is a difference of $757.12 in a years time. That is a big difference.
Granted, gasoline is still one of the cheapest liquids that you can purchase by the gallon... Milk is around four dollars/gallon as is orange juice, but the average consumer doesn't use 13 gallons of milk a week, or orange juice for that matter....
The United States will call Congress in for a woman in a vegetative state from Florida because it's the President's brother's home turf, but they won't put forth a bill or allocate money for alternative fuel research..... if we could get our troops out of Iraq and back home we could save a lot of money.... money that we could use to find alternatives for our feul economy.... I mean, I think that we could come up with at least a few good ideas with the $176 Billion-plus that we've spent so far bombing a country that's just going to breed more terrorists to attack us in the future with training that they gained from our military.


At 7:50 AM, Blogger Julius Zorin said...

My advice is to stop watching the stupidity of FOX News. I work in the service industry and I agree with you. Gas prices certainly effect the way we spend money and plan our events.

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